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An innovative and unique solution

After ten years of development, WineForecasts® experts have managed to create a model of financial rating based on the theories of Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E Stiglitz in 2001 and his work on asymmetric information  which, combined with a term, can accurately predict changes in ratings of all investment wines.

Thus, the work of almost exhaustive aggregation of global transactions since 1994 allows one hand to establish a current Wine prices of investments, but also to predict changes in the rating of a wine on a defined term.

This prospective valuation is based on the combination of two dimensions:

On the one hand a financial score associated with each vintage wine. This is a scale of 0 to 100 indicating the annual growth percentage of the expected value of this wine.
This note is associated with a term (0-10 years) that establishes a value ‘target’.
For clarification, this rating comes from wine by vintage, by size and type of packaging.


A collection skills

WineForecasts® was founded and is directed by Cédric Duchesnay, buyer and investor in wine since 1995. He coordinates a team of experts and agents, both present in the auction rooms in the vineyards and with the winemakers.

The Board of WineForecasts® is composed of experts from the financial industry, financial computing, and other risk control engine. This specialized technical expertise is enriched by knowledge and mastery of the wine market, the ecosystem composed of fields, auction houses, and the national and international network of dealers.



Wine Forecasts entrusts the distribution and marketing of its solutions through partners including, marketplace combining passion and wine investment .


Wine Forecasts® trust, as all the major players in the wine, the services of the London City Bond which offers a world-renowned wine storage solution for its safety, conditions of conservation and ad valorem insurance coverage stored products . For example, London City Bond transits 20,000 cases of wine per week would be this only for the market of Great Britain.


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